Mrs Hunt, TS6 - PV & Battery - June 2019

  • Happy with service Provided
  • Installation was tidy and the crew were very polite
  • Very helpful with setting up the kit
  • The Lux application makes everything easy and they were very helpful explaining how it works

Mr Pounder, TS25 - Lux Inverter & Battery - June 2019

  • The crew were really good, chatted with me and were friendly and they were very tidy
  • No distruption and the whole job was completed quickly and to a high standard
  • There is nothing I could add that would have made the process any better

Mr Lowe, TS10 - PV Panels & Battery - All pigeon proof - June 2019

  • Very happy with the installation process and work
  • There was no distruption at all
  • Great workmanship
  • The crew were very tidy and helpful
  • Also gave advice to our neighbour who has panels and I thought that was just really great

Mr Hughes, YO13 - InverterBattery & All pigeon proofing - June 2019

  • Everything went smoothly with the installation
  • The crew were very good and efficient
  • Helpful with how to use the Lux app and all information about the products was given
  • Overall very happy

Mr Jordan, TS17 - SolarEdge Upgrade - June 2019

  • Great Overall, no problems whatsoever
  • The crew were perfect, very tidy and incredibly polite

Mr & Mrs Qualters, DN21 - Lux Battery - June 2019

  • Very happy with the product
  • The installation team were very polite and very tidy
  • It all worked well
  • I would definitely recommend Solar Style UK

Mr Quinn, SR4 - Lux Inverter & Battery - June 2019

  • Very happy, went as well as it possibly could of wanted
  • The crew were great & very tidy
  • Overall a big thumbs up!

Mrs Weathers, SR6 - Lux Battery - June 2019

  • I have used Solar Style for serval products in the past
  • I  have been very happy each time I have used them
  • The lads were tidy and polite everytime I have needed them
  • I couldn't praise them enough, a great job everytime!

Mrs Shaplin, TS16 - SolarEdge Upgrade & Battery - June 2019

  • Happy with the install
  • The installer was very tidy and really polite as expected

Mr Iley, TS16 - SolarEdge Upgrade - June 2019

  • Happy with the install
  • The crew were very polite and very tidy
  • Overall I am very happy with the job

Mr Holden, CA15 - 10x Sharp Solar Panels & Lux Inverter & Battery - May 2019

  • The system is working great
  • The fitters were spot on and very tidy
  • The whole process from start to finish was fantastic

Mr Smith, TS10 - Sharp Solar Panels with a  Lux Inverter & Battery -  May 2019

  • My house is East / West facing
  • Great Service
  • Great Price
  • Great lads who went above and beyond to sort a little issue that arose and left me very happy
  • Happy to speak to any future customers and give a reveiw on how well the system works on east / west facing property
  • Overall very happy

Mr Miller, NG25

Would you recommend us a company?

Yes and have done on several occasions

Any problems with the process ?

It was good service, from the start to finish good surveyor and prompt installation and cleaned up after themselves.

Would you consider any other forms of renewable energy?

Yes would look into batteries

What was your biggest concern before you authorised the installation?

Only concern was the calculation, would they deliver on the predicted forecast and it has and beat it.


Mr & Mrs Westcough, TS6

When did you purchase the panels from ourselves?

We invested in Solar P.V. in April 2013. We had toyed with the idea of Solar for several years, but when we first looked the cost just seemed prohibitive.

What impressed us most about Solar Style U.K. was their Flexible finance options, totally professional approach, total honesty, reliability, politeness, prompt efficient service, no mess, clean installation; great customer service and quite truthfully we cannot fault any one. Since having the panels installed my husband and I now save between £800 –£ 1000 pounds each year on our energy bills! The system has far exceeded our expectations and only wish we could have had more panels, we do our readings everyday and smile at just how much money we are making and saving.

Would you recommend solar style in the future?

We have already recommended Solar style UK to our family, friends and neighbours. Quite frankly we cannot recommend them enough and are more than happy.


Mr Fairbrother, NG31

Mr Fairbrother had 15 panels installed from ourselves on the 4th July 2014 there bills have decreased buy 40% which has had a significant decrease in there energy bills. He has recommended us to other customers and would keep on highly recommending us. The only problem Mr Fairbrother had was the scaffolding was in place for 3 weeks after the installation was completed.

We also asked him would he consider any other forms of renewable energy in the future?

I am considering my options on what other forms of renewable energies are available to me. The only concern he had with all our work when it came down to it is “would this investment make more money and so far so good it has”


Mr Proctor, OX10

Mr Proctor had an installation from us in March 2014. He opted for a 4KW system of Canadian panels, and has seen a 10% decrease in his bills since the installation. He stated upon completion, “Solar Style UK are very efficient and the aftercare team were very helpful from the marketing. I am very happy with my panels”.

Would you look in to more renewable energy products in the future?

I am looking battery renewable energy if they are available.

What was your biggest concern before you the panels installed?

“I hung around for a bit as I was asking myself was it value for money at my age and would it be worth it?” He has now seen that it was indeed value for money and added, “I would say to anyone, depending on the person, if you are thinking about investing in solar then you should invest into it.”

Mr Dawes, LE8

Mr Dawes had an 8 panel installation from us on the 16/01/2014. In the last 19 months, his bills have come down significantly. He also has stated that there were no problems in with the process from start to finish. He said, “There were no issues with the service I have received, but what stood out to me the most was the customer service experience from start to finish: it was second to none”.

 What was your biggest concern before you the panels installed?

“There was no worries of me authorising the install, my only concern is about energy and getting my foot on the go-green ladder and saving energy, which is a no brainer really.