Solar PV

Generate your own electricity using only daylight. Take advantage of the governments Feed-in Tariff Scheme and consume green, clean energy.

Systovi – Hybrid Technology

Take advantage of not only generating your own electricity, but learn how this revolutionary hybrid technology can heat your home as well.

Battery Storage

Consume your own electricity when and however you need it with battery storage. Innovative technology is seeing electricity management change forever, learn how you can enhance your current Solar PV system.

Thermodynamics – Hot Water

Constant hot water simply from the atmosphere 24/7, Simple technology but in reverse. Learn how a this renewable technology can work towards reducing your energy demand.

Infrared Heating

Patent technology infrared heating system, bringing a more comfortable, focused and enjoyable warmth into your home or office. A modern approach to heating your energy efficient home.

Energy management Products

Energy management is key to ensuring a more energy efficient home, with ongoing improvements you can be sure to reduce your energy demand across your property.