Marlec I-Boost Buddy

Wireless Home Energy Monitor and Remote Control for your Solar iBoost+
Code: SD023
  • 230V AC (supplied with 230V AC Mains adapter) 
  • 132 x 113 x 56mm, 155g (dimensions)
  • Power consumption <1W
  • Homeowners can install themselves, straightforward
  • Digital energy reading
  • Remote control
  • Easy, simple pairing procedure

The I-Boost Buddy is designed to monitor energy usage smartly alongside the Solar I-Boost+, this is a wireless system that also acts as a remote control for the Solar I-Boost. The eco-gauge lets you know when unused energy is available so that you can turn on appliances. This very useful product uses a traffic light system to advise you when energy is flowing to the grid, then you can decide when you would rather use the energy or export it.

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