SolarEdge EV Charging Single Phase Inverter

World’s First 2-in-1 EV Charger and Solar Inverter
Code: SD022
  • Charges 2.5x faster than standard EV charger
  • Record breaking 99% efficiency 
  • High reliability
  • Advanced safety features for homeowners and installers.
  • Small, lightweight, aesthetically pleasing and easy to install
  • Scheduled use on the app, so you can opt to charge from the grid during off peak hours 
  • Monitor on the app, charging duration, solar charge status, charge energy
  • Able to turn charging on or off on the app
  • Track solar, electric vehicle and grid consumption for visibility and control of household energy usage

SolarEdge has introduced the worlds first 2-in-1 EV Charger and Solar Inverter. This allows homeowners to charger their electrical vehicles from the power of the sun. This is a very efficient solution, which enables homeowners to maximise their solar usage which will in return save them even more money on their energy bills. This 2-in-1 solution will reduce the hassle of installing separately the EV charger and the inverter. Suitable for homeowners who already have an electric vehicle or even have plans to in the future, as the sale of petrol and diesel cars are to be banned in the near future. 

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