LuxPower Lux Power - Hybrid Inverter

Hybrid Inverter
Code: SD008
  • Lightweight (only 20kg)
  • Long term warranty (10 years)
  • Extraordinary power cut protection
  • Smart export control 
  • Grid share ready 
  • Maximum charge and discharge rate of 3600W

The Hybrid Inverter is more than just an inverter the Single Phase Hybrid Inverters with Pylon Tech US2000 Plus batteries are brilliant Hybrid Battery Inverters. This system has a very minimal operating noise level which is less than 25bB. Similarly to the AC coupled ESS Inverter has a monitoring platform but this one is real time monitoring used on mobiles and PCs free of charge. Another great feature of this product is that it is remote upgrading so that the firmware and parameter upgrading remotely by LUX. 

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