ThermIQ Heating Panels

ThermIQ heating panels differ from conventional heating systems by generating infrared heat.
Infrared heat benefits health, is eco-friendly, efficient and energy saving.
ThermIQ heating panels are available in different sizes and textures and can be used to heat an entire house/apartment/office building,or specific areas such as bathrooms, hallways, gardens or terraces.The heating panels can be installed within every room of a building or can be used as an addition to your existing heating system. When winter hits, energy costs rise due to more frequent use of conventional heating systems. ThermIQ offers consistent heat all year round as well as savings on energy costs. ThermIQ heating panels in combination with an electronic control and room thermostat only use 40-60% of their input power.
Another huge benefit of choosing ThermIQ heating panels is the semiconductor layer/paste we apply to our panels rather than the metal filaments used in traditional panels. The paste lasts substantially longer, saving money and disruption to the panel.

Who Can Benefit? At Home

Infrared heating creates a very comfortable climate within the home. Infrared heating panels warm the surfaces in a house directly, such as the floor and walls, which in turn heat the air in each room. Conventional heating systems only heat the air.Infrared heating has many benefits in the home including:

  • Reduce your current heating costs by 70%
  • No carbon emissions
  • Improves skin
  • Assists in the rehabilitation of injuries
  • Reduces damp and mold
  • Creates a more comfortable and healthy environment