• Switch off your existing system and allow the Bunsen Air to take over

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by significantly reducing your energy usage

  • Lower your heating costs by moving away from costly energy sources

  • Add value to your property by introducing renewable hot water

  • Protect against increased energy bills with a low energy system

  • Enjoy day or night automatic reheating with 24hr variable temperature settings

  • Feel good about renewable – the more you use the more you save!

Where does the Bunsen unit fit? (Click To Open)

The Bunsen unit is fitted as close to your existing or new hot water cylinder as possible. Ideal location will be established during your survey.

Where do the panels go? (Click To Open)

The two panels are mounted externally in order to be exposed to all the natural elements. They can be fitted on a pitched roof, flat roof, vertical wall, or ground mounted.

What about my existing heating? (Click To Open)

Whatever your heating system is – Gas, Oil, Electric or LPG - you can leave it in place but switch it off, just add the Bunsen Air and it will take over making all your hot water.

What about my existing heating?

Whatever your heating system is – Gas, Oil, Electric or LPG - you can leave it in place but

Day & Night Hot Water From Nature's Free Energy

The Bunsen Air works by harvesting FREE energy from our UK weather, and transferring it to your hot water cylinder.
An Ozone friendly refrigerant, which has a boiling point of -26°C, flows through the panels and back to the Bunsen Unit. The refrigerant leaves the
Bunsen Unit as a cold liquid, as it passes through the panels the refrigerant absorbs heat energy and changes from a liquid to a ‘super-heated’ gas. On returning to the Bunsen Unit the gas is compressed back to a liquid, and the heat energy is transferred directly to your hot water.

The panels are made from aluminium, which is both lightweight and an excellent conductor of heat. The dual panels have a large surface area which increases the energy transfer to the refrigerant liquid. Energy is efficiently transferred not only the air temperature, but also the wind, rain, sunlight and even the snow, into the refrigerant.

Understanding that multiple natural elements create energy transfer is key to understanding that this system works day and night.

The energy from our atmospheric conditions are present 24hrs a day, which is why the Bunsen Air continues to function efficiently day or night.